High-End Massage Therapy & Facials in Dallas, TX

Isn’t it high time you treated yourself to some me-time at one of the Dallas-Fort Worth’s area’s leading wellness havens?

Come visit us at The Spa at The Highland in Highland Park, and escape from draining workaday stressors with a magical interlude within our tranquil, immersive, rejuvenating facility.

Among our comprehensive spa services, you’ll find the very finest in massages and facials and combos thereof: almost assuredly exactly what you need.

Massages & Facials in the Highland Park Paradise of The Spa at The Highland

Our spa escape within easy reach of the heart of Dallas provides a wide-ranging menu of treatments, all delivered by skillful, expert, compassionate technicians employing top-of-the-line products and time-tested techniques.

Those treatments include a plethora of different massages, with a little something for everybody among the offerings. Our 50- and 80-minute massages include a CBD Infusion session that utilizes multiple pain-relieving herbs, a meltaway Deep Tissue Massage, and our Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, the namesake stones of which incorporate more than 80 naturally occurring minerals and salts.

We also offer a classic Swedish Massage as well as a fine-tuned Prenatal Massage aimed at expecting mothers who are past their first trimester.

Then there’s the sumptuousness of our Highland Experience, 110 minutes of pure and utter bliss. What are the building blocks of said bliss? How about a full-body massage rendered with hot basalt river stones, evaporating deep muscle tension? Sounds about right to us…

Throw in a strapped-for-time-friendly quarter-hour Rapid Rejuvenation Massage, not to mention Couples Deep Tissue and Swedish massages, and you’ve got all kinds of options for remedying knots, tightness, and toxified tissues here at The Spa at The Highland.

What about in the facials department? The same deal: top-quality treatments with customizable options. Our most popular choice is the Enhanced Custom LED Facial, an 80-minute experience aimed at de-puffing, tightening, toning, and generally invigorating one’s self.

We also offer a speedier, scaled-back version of that treatment in the form of our 50-minute Signature Custom Facial.

Get the best of both worlds with our Head to Toes Eminence Facial, an 80-minute treatment that combines a superlative facial with a scalp, hands, arms, and feet massage: more than an hour of heaven on Earth, essentially!

Experience the Magic of The Spa at The Highland in the Dallas, TX Area

Of course, massages and facials (and combo facial-massages!) are only a portion of our offerings here at The Spa at The Highland. We also deliver waxes, body scrubs, peels, eyelash and brow tints, nailwork, and more—not to mention fitness and yoga classes. And with a Spa at The Highland membership, you’ll also get to partake of the Highland Hotel’s infinity pool and hot tub, along with a whole plethora of other perks.

Come join us for the finest in Dallas-area wellness at The Spa at The Highland!